The division Vaccinology was founded in 2012. It’s aims are:

  1. To be a platform for vaccinologists in the Netherlands to reach coherence in the field from a scientific perspective, and to connect to existing initiatives in the vaccine field.
  2. To promote internal and external communication on vaccinology issues in- and outside the Netherlands within the KNVM, from an independent scientific position.
  3. To stimulate basic and translational research in vaccinology.
  4. To give information about the benefits of new vaccines and about already available, but underused vaccines.


The first task is to bring together vaccinologists in the Netherlands within the KNVM from the perspective of treating and preventing infectious diseases by using new and existing vaccines. The website contains information for the general public and professionals about registered vaccines available in the Netherlands through vaccination programs and outside these programs.The division Vaccinology will regularly (co)-organise meetings to make themes in vaccinology accessible for a broad audience. Annual activities include vaccinology sessions during the Scientific Spring Meeting of the KNVM and the Vaccine Day in Utrecht. The division acts closely with the NWO working group Vaccines. The division will draft a long-term agenda for vaccinology in the Netherlands. The scientific background of vaccines and a societal responsibility statement will be communicated through various media.

Board Members

​Dr. Dimitri Diavatopoulos (chair)
Dr. Michiel Stork (secretary)
Prof. Dr. Ben van der Zeijst 
Dr. Loek van Alphen
Prof. Dr. Han van den Bosch 
Dr. Jetta Bijlsma
Dr. Jelle Thole 
Prof. Dr. Willem van Eden 
Prof. Dr. Anke Huckriede