Microbial Bioinformatics


The mission of the microbial bioinformatics (BI) division is to enhance knowledge dissemination between bioinformaticians who are involved in microbiology related research. Furthermore, the division aims to facilitate new collaborations between microbiologists and bioinformaticists by organizing symposia and workshops where researchers from these fields meet.


The organization of a yearly BI symposium intersecting microbiology and bioinformatics. Topics covered include: Bioinformatics applied to research on model microbes to microbial consortia, from medical, to plant-associated and industrial microbes. Ad-hoc workshops will be organized aimed at tackling specific issues encountered during the MBF symposium.  Furthermore, our aim is to co-organize a session for the KNVM/NVMM annual spring meeting. 

Board members

Prof. dr. Bas Dutilh (chair)
Dr. Tom Ederveen 
​​​​​​​Dr. Jos Boekhorst