2018 Application and challenges of long-read sequencing

On Thursday February 1st 2018, the Division Microbial Typing will organize a meeting in Vergadercentrum Vredenburg 19, Vredenburg 19, Utrecht. This is a follow-up meeting of previous meetings during which we shared practical issues related to Next-Generation Sequencing.

This time we invite you to a meeting on the use and technical challenges related to ‘long-read sequencing’. We request active participation during this meeting. We have invited speakers to present during this meeting but there are still a limited number of slots available for presentations. Therefore, we would like to know who wants to share their experience and/or present their data related to long-read sequencing at this meeting. Information on the program will follow soon. Be aware that the number of participants is limited to 80.

Costs are €25

The preliminary program is available for download.