The division Mycology aims to bring into contact mycologist from different disciplines. Researchers that are active in the fields of ecology, biodiversity, physiology, molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, and biotechnology meet during the general spring symposium of KNVM/NVMM as well as during the Mycology fall meeting that traditionally takes place at the last Friday of November. Each year, the morning session of the fall meeting has a theme with invited speakers. The afternoon session comprises offered papers from PhD students and post-docs that not necessarily link to the theme of the meeting. Master students participate in the meeting as part of theoretical courses.

Board Members

Dr. Jan Dijksterhuis (chair)
Prof. Dr. Han Wösten (treasurer)
Dr. Arthur Ram
Prof. Dr. Ida van der Klei
Prof. Dr. George Kowalchuk
Dr. Duur Aanen
Prof. Dr. Stanley Brul (WECO representative)