2023 Practical applications of metagenomics towards typing


Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Uppsalalaan 8, 3584CT Utrecht
The venue is easy to reach via public transport.
When travelling by car, park your car at P+R Utrecht Science Park or at Parking Olympos.

This meeting has (unfortunately) no hybrid possibilities.

Agenda for the KNVM-DMG symposium Practical applications of metagenomics towards typing:

09.30h - 10.00h  Registration

10.00h - 10.30h  John Rossen (Isala Zwolle/UMC Groningen) – Precised metagenomics for diagnosing infectious diseases

10.30h - 11.00h  Marcio F. A. Leite (NIOO/UU) – You must choose, but choose wisely: Model-based approaches for microbial community analysis and data integration

11.00h - 11.30h  Ranko Gacesa (RUG/UMC Groningen) – "Normal" metagenome of northern Netherlands - lifeLines cohort.

11.30h - 12.00h  Coffee break

12.00h - 12.30h  Anne Kupczok (WUR) – High-resolution metagenomics uncovers strain relationships and gene content evolution in deep-sea mussel symbionts.

12.30h - 13.00h  Bas Oude Munnik (ErasmusMC) – Metagenomics approaches to measure and quantify the virome.

13.00h - 13.45h  Lunch break

13.45h - 14.00h Abstract Award ceremony

14.00h - 14.30h  Franciska de Vries (UvA IBED) – Using metagenomic sequencing to understand the consequences of extreme climatic events for soil functioning.

14.30h - 15.00h  Paul Stege (WUR-WBVR / UMC Utrecht) – Functional metagenomics and AMR enrichment strategies.

15.00h - 15.30h  Peter Schaap (WUR-SSB) – UNLOCK initiative & FAIR data infrastructure

15.30h - 16.00h  Tea break

16.00h - 16.30h  Wouter Lokhorst (WUR) – Meta-omics surveillance within OneHealth

16.30h - 17.00h  Tina Hauptfeld (UU) – Putting the RAT in integRATive profiling: a new way to estimate taxonomic composition of metagenomes

17.00h - 18.00h  Drinks