2020 Genomic epidemiology of infectious diseases

KNVM symposium on Genomic Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (online)

December 1, 2020

The division Microbial Genomics of the Royal Netherlands Society for Microbiology (DMG-KNVM), together with the Special Interest Group Bioinformatics of the Netherlands Society for Medical Microbiology  (SIG-BIMM) are organizing an online symposium titled ‘Genomic Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases: How to Infer Transmission Chains?’


1 December 2020


14:00 – 17:00 hours




  • Don Klinkenberg (RIVM, Netherlands) 'What can genomic data tell us about who infected whom in infectious disease outbreaks?’
  • Emma Hodcroft (University of Basel, Switzerland) 'Travel, Transmission, and Tracking: Summer travel and SARS-CoV-2 in Europe'
  • Reina Sikkema (Erasmus MC, Netherlands) ‘ To be announced’
  • Jukka Corander (University of Oslo, Norway) 'An ExPEC Enigma: How to resolve the transmission chains underlying uneven population expansion of lineages?'
  • Caroline Colijn (Simon Fraser University, Canada) 'Estimating epidemiological parameters with viral sequences and sampled trees'

We invite all interested to participate. Participation in the online symposium will be free of charge.Please note that you have to register to attend and participate in the symposium via the following link below


Please register before November 27th.

You will receive a link prior to the symposium