2017 A Practical Introduction to NGS Data

A Practical Introduction to NGS Data

Workshop of the KNVM Division of Microbial Typing, 6/7 February 2017, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

Workshop objectives

  • Provides an introduction to the analyses of microbial whole genome sequencing data sets

  • From genome assembly to identification of resistance and virulence genes

  • The use of gene-by-gene and SNP based analyses to identify relatedness of strains

  • Application of webtools and existing pipelines for NGS analyses

  • Discussions about the challenges and opportunities of NGS data for typing of pathogens

Target Audience

Those engaged in the identification and epidemiological typing of micro-organism with respect to clinical, veterinary, food and environmental microbiology and/or infection prevention. We provide the opportunity to analyze your own NGS datasets under supervisions of the workshop coordinators

The workshop will be in Dutch unless English speaking persons participate

Course coordinators 

  • Leo Schouls, RIVM, Bilthoven

  • Birgitta Duim, Utrecht University, Utrecht

  • John Rossen, UMCG, Groningen

  • Thijs van de Laar, Sanquin, Amsterdam

  • Aldert Zomer, Utrecht University, Utrecht

Course Venue 

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9
3721 MA, Bilthoven


  • € 300 for KNVM members of the divisions Microbial Typing or Bioinformatics and € 350 for non- members.

  • The fee includes: course material, two lunches, coffee breaks and a social diner on February 6th.

  • Registration deadline is December 20th, 2016 

  • The number of participants is limited to 40, with a maximum of two persons of the same research

    group in case more than 40 people apply

    Register at http://workshop.dmt-meetings.nl/ starting from November 1th, 2016

• You will receive an invoice for payment of the fee shortly after the confirmation, and participation in the workshop is final only after payment of the registration fee.

For contact about your registration: leo.schouls [at] rivm.nl
All course cancellations must be submitted via email to leo.schouls [at] rivm.nl by January 20 th, 2017.