Microbial Genomics


The mission of the KNVM division of Microbial Genomics is to link researchers involved in microbial genomics from different disciplines: Human, Veterinary, Food & Environmental Microbiology and to provide an expert platform on how and when to use different genomics methods. The division aims to represent the different disciplines using microbial genomics techniques in the Netherlands, and to share and improve (technical) knowledge on these techniques and their application.


Yearly activities of the division include the organization of both a DMG symposium on microbial genomics and a DMG forum on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. In addition, we co-organize a session for the KNVM/NVMM annual spring meeting. Topics covered include: epidemiology, population biology & evolution, bioinformatics, pathotyping, and microbial classification & taxonomy.

Board Members

Prof. dr. Ferry Hagen (chair)
Dr. Lieke van Alphen (secretary)
Dr. Kimberley Benschop (treasurer)
Dr. Jaco Verweij
Prof. Dr. Eiko Kuramae
Dr. Menno van der Voort
​​​​​​​Dr. Alex Bossers