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Winners 2020 Westerdijk and Kiem Awards

>> Due to the cancellation of the Scientific Spring Meeting the prizes could unfortunately not be awarded live. Below are the awardees for 2020.


Westerdijk Award

Dani Heesterbeek

Category Host Pathogen Interaction

Title thesis: How complement kills bacteria


Charlotte Melia

Category Cellular & Molecular Microbiology

Title thesis: Endomembrane mutiny: how picornaviruses hijack host organelles to support their replication


Arthur Gorter de Vries

Category Environmental & Applied Microbiology

Title thesis: Genome analysis and engineering of industrial lager brewing yeasts


Kiem award

Rob van Dalen

Category Medical Microbiology

Title article: "Langerhans Cells Sense Staphylococcus aureus Wall Teichoic Acid through Langerin To Induce Inflammatory Responses”

Else-Jasmijn Hassing

Category Microbial Ecology

Title article: "Connecting central carbon and aromatic amino acid metabolisms to improve de novo 2-phenylethanol production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”

Xinyue Li

Category General Microbiology

Title article: "MUC1 is a receptor for the Salmonella SiiE adhesin that enables apical invasion into enterocytes”