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International Microorganism Day

International Microorganism Day

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek was the first person in the history to see and describe single-celled organisms. He sent a letter to the Royal Society of London describing his discovery  on September 17 in 1683, which can be seen as the start of Microbiology. For this reason we celebrate International Microorganism Day on September 17. The aim of  this day is to raise awareness about  the important role of microorganisms for our health, the environment and biotechological applications. International Microorganism Day is an initiative of the Portuguese Society of Microbiology ( and is supported by the KNVM. 

To celebrate International Microorganism Day Micropia organizes on September 16th a special event. You can do experiments, just like a microbiologist, or listen to the laboratory technician who will tell you about the microscopes of Van Leeuwenhoek and the discoveries that he made.

When Sunday September 16th
Where  Micropia and Artisplein                                                          
When 12.00 until 17.00 h
Price: Artisplein is free for public , Micropia normal prices


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