Fungal Update symposium

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Mar 17, 2022

NVMy Fungal Update 2022 (March 17th, 2022)



(Accreditation has been applied for: Dutch Internists Association (NIV),  Dutch Society for Medical Microbiology (NVMM) and Hospital pharmacists (NVZA)).

Location: Paushuize, Utrecht (




09.30 – 09.35u OPENING


09.35 – 09.55u Some thoughts on the species complex (Sybren de Hoog, Radboudumc)

w09.55 – 10.15u  Secretome of clinical and environmental Fonsecaea species (Anamelia Bocca, Brasilia, Brazil)

10.15 – 10.40u  Mucormycosis in Germany: taxonomy, epidemiology and diagnositics of the main causative agents (Grit Walther, National Reference Center for Invasive Fungal Infections, Jena, Germany)

10.40 – 11.05u Update on recent ECMM Guidelines (Oliver Cornely, University Hospital, Cologne, Germany)


11.05 – 11.30u BREAK


11.30 – 11.55u New fungal diagnostics (Lewis White, Cardiff, UK)

11.55 – 12.20u  New antifungals under development and in clinical trials (Röger Bruggeman, Radboudumc)

12.20 – 12.45u COVID-19 and Aspergillus infections (Jean-Pierre Gangneux, Rennes, France)


12.45 – 13.30u LUNCH


13.30 – 17.00u 15-minutes talks (2 parallel sessions)


Parallel 1

13:30-13:45u      Improving molecular diagnostics for eumycetoma (Mickey Konings, ErasmusMC)

13:45-14:00u     Malassezia bloodstream infections: an underestimated phenomenon? (Bart Theelen, Westerdijk Institute)

14:00-14:15u     Detection of genotypes in Trichophyton mentagrophytes complex: a proposal for handling biodiversity in dermatophytes (Chao Tang, Radboudumc)

14:15-14:30u      Sexual recombination in Madurella mycetomatis (Bertrand Nyuykonge, ErasmusMC)

14:30-14:45u     Galleria mellonella larvae for the study of fungal pathogens (Auke de Jong, Westerdijk Institute)

14:45-15:00u     Genetic and phenotypical diversity of fecal Candida albicans strains in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Isabelle van Thiel, Westerdijk Institute)


15:00-15:30u     BREAK


15:30-15:45u      Whole genome sequencing of A. fumigatus (Bernard Pater, Radboudumc)

15:45-16:00        Genetic manipulation of Madurella mycetomatis, the main causative agent of human mycetoma (Saskia du Pre, ErasmusMC)

16:00-16:15        Molecular mechanisms of 5FC resistance in Cryptococcus neoformans (Fatima Zohra Delma, Radboudumc)

16:15-16:30        MycetOS 2.0: The latest advances in open drug discovery for eumycetoma (Ma Jingyi, ErasmusMC)


Parallel 2

13:30-13:45       Comparison of microbiological diagnostics in two cases of invasive mucormycosis (Tjomme van der Bruggen, UMC Utrecht)

13:45-14:00        Better together! (Andrea Bruning, AUMC, Amsterdam)

14:00-14:15        Comparison of the PneumoGenius® and RealStar® Pneumocystis jirovecii PCR CE-IVD assays with a lab developed test for the detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii (Roel Nijhuis, MeanderMC Amersfoort)

14:15-14:30        Olorofim and acquired resistance (Jochem Buil, Radboudumc)

14:30-14:45        Neutrophil function at end of neutropenia in a patient with systemic fusariosis (Pieter-Jan Haas, UMC Utrecht)

14:45-15:00        Validation of 2020 ISHAM/ECMM CAPA case definition (Mehmet Ergun, Radboudumc)    


15:00-15:30       BREAK


15:30-15:45        Implementation of a radiology based approach for fungal infections in patients with neutropenic fever (Reinier Raymakers, UMC Utrecht)

15:45-16:00        Intensified surveillance of azole-resistant invasive aspergillosis (Rebecca van Grootveld, RIVM/ LUMC)

16:00-16:15        Evolution of azole resistance variants in A. fumigatus (Yinggai Song, Radboudumc)

16:15-16:30        SNP impact on antifungal resistance in Sporothrix brasiliensis (Amanda Bombassaro, Radboudumc)