BiodiversityXL Live: The Kingdom of Fungi

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Jan 19, 2023 15:00 - 15:00

Fungi are highly diverse and have essential roles in ecosystems. They are important degraders of organic matter, symbionts of plants and animals, producers of food, but can also cause life-threatening diseases and spoilage. A large diversity is present in Fungi, and some species produce large, multicellular fruiting bodies (macrofungi), while others remain microscopically small (microfungi). Fungal variation is present at all classification levels: above, at and below the species. Jorinde Nuytinck (Naturalis Biodiversity Center) studies the taxonomy and evolution of macrofungi in the Netherlands and worldwide. Citizen scientists play an important role in mushroom taxonomy, mapping and monitoring. Bridging the gap in techniques used for dealing with inter- and intraspecific variation is a challenge. Insights will be shared on how to use high-throughput sequencing and whole-genome sequencing to make mushroom taxonomy future-proof. Jos Houbraken (Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute) studies the taxonomy of food associated fungi, and these data are often the basis of investigations aiming to find novel solutions to prevent food spoilage. There is a strong association of specific fungal species with food, the so-called associated mycobiota, but also the intraspecific stress resistance variability plays a crucial role in food safety and quality. During the presentation the importance of taxonomy and inter- and intraspecific variation in food mycology will be addressed.

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