Serie 21-30


Poster: Winogradsky Column—Microbial Evolution in a Bottle

biofilm, handleiding, protocol, laboratorium, bacterium, microbial growth


Demonstration: Glowing bacteria in a flask

bioluminescence, Vibrio harvey, bacterium, video, laboratorium, experiment

Dr. Bassler demonstrates the bioluminescence of a culture of Vibrio harveyi.


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Phase contrast, Fluorescence, Transmission and Scanning microscopes
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Powerpoint lectures by Science Prof Online

Intro to Microbiology, History of Microbiology, Chemistry of Microbiology, Prokaryote Cell Structure & Function, Eukar, yote Cell Structure & Function, Microbial Genetics, Meet the Microbes: Prokaryotes, Meet the Microbes: Eukaryotes, Virus Structure, Virus Life Cycle, Meet the Microbes: Viruses, Microbial Growth,  Microbial Metabolism, Microbial Growth and Metabolism.

Using a Compound Microscope, Media & Bacterial CulturesMedia & Bacterial Cultures, Preparing an Isolation Streak Plate of Bacteria, Preparing a Bacterial Smear for Stainin, ID of Unknown Bacteria: Part I and II, Microbial Control


Spontaneous generation

The MIcrobial World

  1. Explain why people believed in the concept of spontaneous generation, the creation of life from organic matter.
  2. Describe the experiment by Francesco Redi disproved spontaneous generation that disproved spontaneous generation for macroorganisms.
  3. Explain how did John Needham's experiment re-ignited the debate about spontaneous generation for microorganisms.
  4. Describe the swan-neck flask experiment of Louis Pasteur and why this ended the debate about spontaneous generation.


The phylogeny of life

Bacteria, Eukaryota and Archaea

The ancestor/descendant relationships which connect
  all organisms that have ever lived.


Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

verschillen en overeenkomsten tussen de twee basistypen cellen:
eukaryoten: kern
prokaryoten: geen kern


Introduction to the Archaea Life's extremists...

The scientific community was understandably shocked in the late 1970s by the discovery of an entirely new group of organisms -- the Archaea.


Structure and function of bacterial cells

Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology


How evolution works

The mechanisms of evolution explained in one video.