The DYVS are organised by and for PhD candidates. Meet the organisers:


Mirte Pascha (chair)

Antivirals, antibodies, and vaccination targeting Influenza A virus
Veterinary faculty - Virology 
Utrecht University
M.N.Pascha [at]

Tatiana Shamorkina (secretary)

Viral glycosylation in antibody binding
Biomolecular mass spectrometry and proteomics
Utrecht University
T.M.Shamorkina [at]

Marloes Grobben (graphic design)

Polyfunctional antibodies in HIV-1 and COVID-19
Department of Medical Microbiology – Laboratory of Experimental Virology
Amsterdam UMC, location AMC
M.Grobben [at]

Erick Bermúdez Méndez (technical)

Molecular virology of bunyaviruses
Department of Virology and Molecular Biology
Wageningen Bioveterinary Research
Erick.BermudezMendez [at]

Cindy Spruit (communication)

Receptor binding of Influenza A viruses
Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
Utrecht University
C.M.Spruit [at]

Marleen van der Laan (social media)

The role of heat shock protein 70 during Chikungunya virus replication
Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention – Experimental Virology
University Medical Center Groningen
M.van.der.Laan [at]