Van Leeuwenhoek Medal

Leeuwenhoek Medal 2015

In 2015, the KNVM has awarded the Leeuwenhoek Medal (previously awarded by the KNAW) to Dr. J. Craig Venter, who made very important and excellent contributions to microbiology.

The award was presented by the State Secretary of Education, Culture and Science Sander Dekker. Since 1877, this medal has been awarded once every 10-12 years.

The winner gave a presentation at the KNVM-NVMM microbiology congress 2015 (scientific spring meeting) in Papendal, Arnhem, and obtained a honorary membership of the KNVM.


Previous awardees

Karl O. Stetter (DE, 2003) | Wiki | Extremophiles

Carl R. Woese (US, 1992) | Wiki | Archaea

Roger Y. Stanier (FR, 1981) | Wiki | Cyanobacteria

Cornelis B. van Niel (US, 1970) | Wiki | Photosynthesis

André M. Lwoff (FR, 1960) | Wiki | Proviruses

S.A. Waksman (US, 1950) | Wiki | Streptomycin

Sergei N. Winogradsky (FR, 1935)| Wiki | Nitrogen cycle

Félix d’Herelle (EG, 1925)| Wiki | Bacteriophages

Sir David Bruce (UK, 1915)| Wiki | Trypanosomes

Martinus W. Beijerinck (NL, 1905)| Wiki | Virology and environmental microbiology

Louis Pasteur (FR, 1895)| Wiki | Vaccinology and pasteurization

Ferdinand Cohn (PL, 1885)| Wiki | Bacteriology and microbiology

Christian G. Ehrenberg (DE, 1875)| Wiki | Microscopic organisms