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Participate in VICE videos

KNVM and VICE Motherboard (see e.g. have agreed to explore the possibility to release 6-10 freely accessible microbiology video’s.

We ask you to propose topics and to contribute in these documentaries. The videos will be 10 minutes long with 30 sec trailers for face-book. Selection criteria will be; societal relevance, a new finding, unique access to a facility, and several groups in the Netherlands or abroad that are active in the field.

VICE Motherboard has 800.000 unique viewers in the Netherlands and Flanders. Videos that are of interest from an international perspective will also be released in other countries making use of voice over and / or subtitles (see

Please send your proposal before March 1, 2016 to Han Wösten or Joop van Doorn addressing the issues described above. We are looking forward to make the videos.


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