Virology research in the Netherlands covers a wide array of topics, ranging from fundamental to clinical research and spanning a multitude of virus species. The aim of the Virology division is to facilitate interactions between researchers working on various aspects of virology in the Netherlands, for example through assisting in the organization of the Dutch Annual Virology Symposium (DAVS, see below).   


The Virology division assists in organizing the Dutch Annual Virology Symposium (DAVS). This symposium provides a platform for young and established virologists to present their research and has proven to be an outstanding networking opportunity. Traditionally, the symposium takes place in the first week of March in Amsterdam. In addition, the Virology division contributes one or more sessions to the annual Spring meeting of the NVMM/KNVM.

Board Members

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Wiertz (chair) 
Dr. Hélène Verheije (secretary)
Dr. Bart Haagmans
Prof. Dr. Jolanda Smit
Dr. Katja Wolthers
​Dr. Gorben Pijlman
Dr. Puck van Kasteren

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