Micropia Microbiome Award 2018

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May 18, 2018
Micropia, Artis, Amsterdam

On Friday May 18th, International Museum Day, ARTIS-Micropia presents the Microbiome Award 2018. This is the third time the award is presented.

Micropia, the only museum for microorganisms, wants to inspire the general public to become interested in microbiology; the science of microorganisms, the smallest and most powerful organisms on earth. The Microbiome Award is presented annually to the student with the most original, innovative and applicable research proposal based on current knowledge of the human microbiome. The research proposals cover themes as treatment, biodegradation and prevention.The Microbiome Award 2018 includes a E1000 prize. This amount will be used to serve the realization of the research proposal.


6.00 PM Welcome and introduction by Micropia-professor Remco Kort

6.15 PM Presentation of the research proposals by the nominees, followed by an opposition by jury and public:

1. Elimination of P. gingivalis, the etiological agent of periodontitis- by Marleen van Smoorenburg
2. Decrease of microplastic trophic transfer by transferring gut bacteria fromTenebrio molitor to Danio rerio- by Lars van Greuningen
3. Bowel buddies: a system to save your microbiome during antibiotic treatment- by Tim Arnoldus

7.15 PM Winner announcement of the Micropia Microbiome Award 2018

7.30 PM End

The members of the jury are Ger Rijkers, professor Biomedical and Life Sciences at the University College Roosevelt; Olaf Larsen, visiting professor at the VU University Amsterdam; and Eric Claassen, professor Entrepreneurship in Health and Life sciences at the VU University Amsterdam.

If you would like to attend the Micropia Microbiome Award 2018, please send an email to c.vangeenen@artis.nl.

ARTIS-Micropia, Artisplein, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam

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