inVIVO 2020 Planetary Health

About this event

Jun 17, 2020
Jun 20, 2020

We are excited to be holding our 9th annual conference of inVIVO Planetary Health in collaboration with the KIT Royal Tropical Institute and ARTIS Micropia—the world's first microbe museum. We will also be working closely with the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute and  VU University Amsterdam.  

Our meeting theme “Rewilding Spaceship Earth: from Microbes to Mammoths, Music and More”, underscores the imperative for creative ecological solutions for the challenges we face in all systems and all scales with advancing global urbanization – for personalenvironmentaleconomic and societal health alike. Our agenda continues to address strategies to overcome global ‘dysbiotic drift’ – life in distress - on every level, bringing together diverse perspectives from across many dimensions of the arts and the sciences, as we explore novel solutions and new normative values. ‚Äč

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