The human microbiome in health and disease | Lecture series

About this event

Date and time
4 Jan 2021 09:00 - 28 Jan 2021 13:00
Planetarium, Artis, Amsterdam

This year the lecture series ‘The human microbiome in health and disease’ will be held in the planetarium of Artis, January 2021. Please find the link below. The lecture series can be attended for free by all (PhD)-students in the Netherlands. Students will receive a certificate of attendance (3 EC)  who 1. attended (online or in person) all the lectures, 2. submitted a short innovative proposal (4/5 p) about a medical or industrial application of the microbiome sciences and 3. elevator pitch of the proposal (presentation of 5 slides max). The author and presenter of the best proposal will receive the annual Micropia microbiome award (1,000 euro) on January 28, 2021. Under the current corona restrictions lectures will be held in the planetarium of Artis (maximum number of attendants 30; capacity of the planetarium 320 persons). Four out of ten lectures will be projected in the dome of the planetarium- more information about the zoom session and live broadcast will follow.