Thesis Funding

Financial support for a PhD thesis on typing of microorganisms

The Division “Microbial Typing” of the KNVM supports PhD dissertations, covering subjects related to the (molecular) typing of microorganisms. Each year, the division can award a maximum of 4 grants of 500 euro for members of the KNVM only. The Board of the Division will assess the submitted theses based on the following criteria:

  • The thesis contains at least two chapters that focus on the (molecular) typing of microorganisms, which have been accepted for publication in internationally renowned academic journals.
  • The identification/typing of microorganisms is not only part of the Material and Methods but is the main subject of the chapters and should describe original research.

A request covering the title page with affiliation and the content of the thesis, can be send to the secretary of the division Lieke van Alphen,  

Awarded PhD-students have to include the logo of the Division in their thesis, and are asked to provide an electronic link to their thesis for uptake in the list of sponsored theses on our website.   

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